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Yingde Wide Machinery Co., Ltd. has many years of development history, is the domestic ventilation pipe machinery and sheet metal equipment, sheet metal cutting equipment manufacturers, specializing in sheet metal equipment, cold / warm ventilation machinery and equipment manufacturing and R & D. At present, the main products are: angle flange punching machine, round flange molding production line, round flange punching machine, automatic duct production line, CNC plasma cutting machine, spiral duct machine, duct oval duct processing CNC machinery and equipment. In line with the people-oriented, sincerity and honor; quality, user-oriented management approach, the use of new technologies and new processes, is committed to supporting the development of wind pipe processing machinery industry and development of quality companies, depending on the production process of quality control and Advanced design is equally important, and strictly in accordance with national standards, industry standards, European standards of the technical requirements of strict implementation. All along, the company's products with its superior quality ....